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.:*Lets make this last forever.*:.

.:*Once you find true love, thats all u ever need*:.

.:*Lianna Skye*:.
24 January
Hiyas!.... well lemme see! I am 15 years old soon to be 16 cant wait haha.. i go to betsy layne high school where i am an ex danceR hahah.. humm im on the pep club.........i have a ton of frins all over haha i guess its cause im so loud and just dont really care what people think of me.lol I have changed so much over the years most since my 8th grade year.. i was so shy and didnt talk alot but wow if u knew me now HAHahahaha.. hummmm i went to robinson creek elemetary and virgie middle school so thats how i know most u kiddies on here haha...i would love to go to valley but i also love betsy layne ..betsy layne has to of my favorite things there..lol brett and choir! omg have i mentioned i love to sing.. if valley had a choir id say probally be there.lol but neways thats enough!

*-frins-*, *-music-*, *-school-*, *-singing-*, hummmmmmmm tons more~